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Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your must-see list and rate your favorite movies and TV shows!

IMDb is the world’s largest collection of movie, TV, and celebrity info. We aim to list every detail about every movie and TV show ever made, including who was in it, who made it, the plot, user ratings, trailers, photos, reviews, quotes, goofs, trivia and much more.

Search the world`s largest collection of entertainment information:
· Over 2 million movie and TV titles
· Over 4 million celebrities, actors, actresses, directors, and other crew members

· Movie trailers
· User reviews for movies and TV shows
· Critics reviews for movies and TV shows
· Quotes, trivia, and goofs about movies and celebrities
· Your browse and search history on IMDb

Look up:
· Movie showtimes at local theaters near you
· TV listings for your local time zone
· Recaps of TV shows from previous night
· Upcoming movies
· Latest entertainment news from hundreds of media outlets

· Rate movies and TV shows
· Sign in with your IMDb account or your Facebook account

· Choose "notify me" on titles and names you`re interested in to be notified of trailers, photos, showtimes, and news.

Explore popular charts:
· Best Picture - award winners
· Top rated movies of all time (IMDb Top 250)
· Most popular movies of the day on IMDb (MOVIEmeter)
· Most popular celebrities of the day on IMDb (STARmeter)
· Lowest rated movies of all time (IMDb Bottom 100)
· Most popular TV shows
· US Box office results
· Celebrity birthdays

· IMDb is available worldwide in English (US/UK), Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Italian, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese.

We hope your IMDb experience on your Android phone and Android tablet continues to be entertaining.

If you have questions about why we require certain permissions, please see our Android app FAQ page:

Thank you
-IMDb Android team
• Introduced Top 250 TV (beta)
• Fixed some images not appearing in Featured Lists
• Performance and bug fixes
• Bug fixes and stability improvements
• We’ve made it easier to discover videos (clips, interviews, trailers, featurettes, etc.) on name pages.
• TV series pages now have info on season premieres, season returns, and next episodes.
• Like what we`re doing with the app? Please send us your feedback!
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