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April 13, 2016
This release does not have a Play Store Description, so we grabbed one from version 1.0.3b:

Hi everyone,

We (at XDA) have been working on something.

This is XDA Labs. The name isn`t final, and this is not the "official" launch... but we are (quietly) giving you guys a chance to try it out so we can get some feedback. So....what is it?

First and foremost, it`s a speedy way to access the forums (ad-free!). You`ll see a lot that`s familiar with XDA One, because we merged the code into Labs and made a handful of much-needed improvements.

Second, it`s a new way to access all the Xposed modules you love.

And third, it`s a way to distribute apps-- and eventually all sorts of stuff that people upload to XDA. It is 100% pro-developer in that 1) we allow all types of apps (including stuff not allowed on Play), 2) we don`t remove apps without warning and without communication to the developer, 3) we enable developers to sell apps, receiving 100% of the proceeds directly, 4) we accept Bitcoin payment, which is fast, easy, and low cost, and 5) we utilize alpha, beta and stable release channels so devs can have control in how they distribute apps to users.

If you are a developer and want to add your app, go here: labs.xda-developers.com/

Otherwise...use the app, and tell us what you think! Again, Labs is very much Beta right now so keep your expectations in check!
1.0.4b (Apr 12)
[feature] Fullscreen forum images
[feature] Font size settings
[feature] New thread starting page pref
[feature] Jump to page in thread
[tweak] Translation and string updates
[tweak] Replies to PM are now quoted
[tweak] Move Participate to main tab
[tweak] App/Xposed details load speed
[tweak] Image cache optimizations
[tweak[ Update byline devices
[tweak] Add date to reviews
[tweak] [url] auto-added to links
[tweak] Refactoring, code cleanup
[tweak] Add PM option to User profile
[tweak] Load profile on PM avatar click
[tweak] Remove login from navdrawer
[tweak] PM reply page layout
[fix] Disabled DownloadManager crash
[fix] Refresh crash
[fix] App details crash
[fix] Removed more hardcoded strings
[fix] Theme reset on update
[fix] YT Videos cut off
[fix] Links in articles not loading apps
[fix] FABs shown when not logged in
[fix] Small grid Xposed details launch
[fix] Quoted posts now use proper id
[fix] Refresh icon tint
[fix] Remove byline from quote text
APK Version : 1.0.4b (10400)
Arhitecture : arm,arm64,mips,x86,x86_64
Pakage : com.xda.labs

APK Size : 8.14 MB (8,534,912 bytes)

Supported android versions
Minimum : Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean, API 16)
Maximum : Android 6.0 (Marshmallow, API 23)

Dots Per Inch : nodpi

md5 : b9abf78ade1d9f3a13033a40cf27e2cd

Fingerprint : AF:44:18:1E:8E:C1:F0:26:01:D4:62:F0:1A:69:7C:EE:A0:90:D4:1B

Added on : April 13, 2016, 12:47am UTC
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