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January 20, 2017
Adds a configurable Energy Bar at the top of your screen indicating current Battery level. And just when you think, such a simple battery bar can display such a crucial information, try plugging in your charger - you`ll be amazed by the details of the animation you`ll see. The pulsating animation and the bar together not only indicates the current Battery level but also how much has the Battery charged since you plugged in your charger.

Got a full charge? The line will cover the whole width of your screen.
Battery depleting? So will the length of Energy Bar.

The latest update of the App let`s Energy Bar feel all privileged as it`s now more integrated with the device in the form of an Accessibility Service. To you as an user it means, Energy Bar will be very reliable and fits well with the System. And to complement the integration, a nice UI which let`s you perform all sort of configuration on the Bar while it`s live on your screen.

Out of the box features:-

✓ Energy Bar can be configured from a width of 1 pixel to cover the entire status bar (pro)
✓ Energy Bar puts almost 0% load on CPU, as it wakes up only to reflect any change in battery level
✓ Energy Bar`s origin can be configured as left/center/right
✓ Energy Bar can hide on fullscreen content (apps, videos, images, games etc)
✓ Energy Bar can be configured to change colors automatically depending on the live battery level
✓ Energy Bar could have a mono color/multiple color segments/gradient (pro)
✓ You can literally assign any color in the world for your favorite configuration
✓ Energy Bar as a cool pulsating animation whenever a power source is plugged into your device

All that is cool! But what about Energy Bar consuming Battery?!

This is one of the most exciting question for me to answer. Energy Bar more than anything understands that you need to utilize your battery efficiently (after all, that`s why you installed the App, right? ;) .) Energy Bar sits on the screen silently putting almost 0% load on CPU, if battery level changes, Android wakes up Energy Bar. Once awake, Energy Bar quickly updates itself and goes back to sleep. And to be that extra efficient, the Bar goes on deep sleep when you turn off the screen, meaning it doesn`t even read changes in battery level when the screen is off.

Accessibility Service`s permission requirement: Users have been enjoying the ultra stability and reliability of Energy Bar every since version 5.0. And that`s because it now runs as an Accessibility Service. The permission prompted by Android when Energy Bar is turned on is a `minimum requirement` for ANY Accessibility Service (even a dummy one.) Be assured that the App does NOT access anything. Note that Energy Bar has been trusted by the XDA Developers community since ages now -
Woah! We crossed 500,000+ (641,653 as of this writing) downloads, thank you everybody, keep sharing the App and the App shall keep updating! :)
* The pulsating charging animation now remembers initial charge until power source is turned off.
* Lots of new Animations now available, including an option to disable it.
* Status Bar mode's background can be transparent/opaque.
* The UI now has clues on how to delete segments.
* Instructions to keep EB alive on Huawei/Lenovo added.
APK Version : EB_6.2.2_BETA (37)
Arhitecture : noarch
Pakage :

APK Size : 2.21 MB (2,319,880 bytes)

Supported android versions
Minimum : Android 2.3.4 (Gingerbread MR1, API 10)
Maximum : Android 7.0 (Nougat, API 24)

Dots Per Inch : nodpi

md5 : 06c6acea5af9e419f557f214943197aa

Fingerprint : 4D:DD:AA:6D:4A:15:BF:4A:7A:64:14:D8:E7:D9:FA:DE:71:74:C4:A7

Added on : January 20, 2017, 03:48am UTC
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